Feasibility Studies 項目可行性評估

Eliminating fatal flaws: finalising and detailing options

We provide compression, process and overall project feasibility studies with supply engineering and economic expertise to provide your company with the options to make solid decisions.

The feasibility study provides the specific project concepts which would be the basis of all key project decisions and development strategies, and is thus fundamental to the project. The identification of all opportunities and risks associated with the project requires, among others, profound understanding of a wide range of knowledge including environmental, mining, geological, geotechnical and metallurgical.

- Scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
- Legal tenure assessment
- Mining method analysis and selection
- Production capability assessment
- Production and development scheduling
- Capital and operating cost estimation
- Equipment selection
- Logistics capability assessments
- Engineering and infrastructure design


可行性研究提供具體項目概念,有關概念將成為所有主要項目決策及開發策略的基 礎,故為項目的基本。研究報告包括物色有關項目的所有機會及識別有關項目的所有風 險,需要(其中包括)深入理解大量資訊,包括環境、開採、地質、岩土工程及冶金。