Tailings and Mine Waste Engineering 尾礦及礦山廢棄物工程

Ensuring practical operation; successful closure

We have been extensively involved in the permitting, design, operation and closure of mine tailings, mine waste and associated water disposal/management facilities since 1974. Our expertise includes a wide range of tailings and mine waste products and hands-on knowledge of proven management techniques under a broad range of climatic conditions. We also have in-depth experience in understanding the long-term evolution of solids and porewaters in tailings storage facilities, allowing robust assessment of the adequacy of management and closure plans


Short & long term straegic planning for tailings & water management
Risk & hazard assessment
Failure studies & financial evaluations
Emergency response pland
Site evaluation & selection
Water balance development & utilisation
Emissions testing & evaluation
Geotechnical, hydrogeological, geological & geochemical characterisation
Geotechnical, hydrologic, geological evaluation & design (conceptual through to detailed)
Life cycle trade-off studies
Design to accommdate low strength, low density materials
Paste & thickeded tailings schemes
Pilot scale test work & material charecterisation
Design of tailings facilities (conceptual through to detailed)
Assistance with government permit acquisition & compliance
Assistant with construction management & quality assurance
Assistant with operational monitoring & management
Decommissioning, closure & lanform restoration